Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In the Lord's prayer one of the lines Jesus taught us to pray is, "deliver us from evil." it is said that we don't pray this often enough and specific enough. We need to literally ask the Lord to deliver us from various situations in our lives.

In Psalm 18:17 it states that God delivered them from their strong enemy. An enemy too strong for them.

As we think about things we would like deliverance from they are often things we consider our enemy. An enemy too strong for us.

The situation I would like deliverance from fits the strong enemy description to the tee. For over thirty years it has been what I have had to fight against but no more I am asking for deliverance.

Merely asking is not where our part ends as that is only the beginning. We need to believe that our prayers will be answered. We have to have faith, trust, and patience in God. Deliverance to God may not look the same as the deliverance picture we have painted in our heads.

To us delivery should come now not later but to God it may take some time. In the meantime we need to properly wait in line and look for something to do. Such as being a proper witness for Christ showing the world how to wait for the Lord. Also we need to be looking for things we can learn while we wait for our deliverance.

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