Friday, November 30, 2012

Prayer for deliverance Continued

In reading the scriptures I came across these scriptures in Psalm 119 that just seemed to go along with my prayer for deliverance. Frequently praying the scripture helps to form the words in prayers where we have no idea what we want to say.

"Lord God I open my mouth panting expectantly, longing for Your commands. Come and show me Your mercy as You do for all who love Your name. Guide my steps by Your word, so I will not be overcome by any evil. Rescue me from the oppression of evil people then I can obey Your commandments. Look down on me with love. Teach me all your principals." Ps 119:131-135

I don't know about you but often when I open my mouth I do so to stick my foot in it, however, with this scripture they talk about panting expectantly and longing for God's commands. Good advice wouldn't you say? I think so.

The next part is asking the Lord to guide our steps and rescue us that we may not be overcome by evil. The part about this that we fail to see is the fact that in order to have God guide us properly we need to follow. We would like to leave off the part about "so I can obey Your commandments." No, no, no not that! Not the "O" word, obedience.

We like the thought of being delivered from the hands of the evil people out there but we don't want to have to do our part in the process. We get ourselves into all sorts of trouble and expect instant deliverance with no effort on our part at all.

Our desire needs to more on the obeying of God's commands and panting expectantly for them and if we do this we already have overcome a great deal of the evil that is around us. What a blessing it is to know that God is looking down upon us with love, our return to Him for that love is to be the student we need to be as we state, "Teach me ALL your principals."

ALL God's principals, not just the ones we like and agree with, we need to be taught all of them and again deliverance is ours. Praise the Lord.

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