Friday, November 23, 2012

Prepare for Rain

In the movie Facing Giants a mentor to the coach one day told him a story about two people praying for rain. One person prepared for the rain he was asking while the other did nothing but wait to see if his prayer was going to be answered. The mentor then asked the coach, " so who had more faith?"

The one who prepared for God to answer had the most faith. I want to prepare as well for my prayer of deliverance to be answered. This morning I thought about how I could do this preparation. In thinking about deliverance I thought about what I would act like if I had received the deliverance I had requested.

I must say I would be really excited, I would have a tremendous feeling of hope and anticipation. I would have a renewed strength to be able to go on. I would feel a great peace as if a burden had been removed from my shoulders.

In my preparation for "my rain" which would be deliverance from the affects of something that speaks negative harsh words, lives off bitterness, anger, and breeds a lot of insecurities and loneliness. Instead of fearing what is around every corner I'm going to be excited  that deliverance is coming. Instead of feeling an anger, hurt, and pain inside I'm going to feel the joy and peace that is to come knowing God's cares and He will deliver me.

His deliverance may take time but that is okay. Everything will work out according His glory and will and for the benefit of all involved. Praise the Lord we have a God who cares.

Get out your umbrella and prepare for rain!

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