Friday, October 19, 2012


Storms are a funny thing. When we are going thru them we can't wait until they are over. Once they are gone they seem to be the one thing we find ourselves bringing up time and time again to talk about it. As much as we would hate to admit it, storms are a necessary part of life. They strengthen us, they cause us to rely on God more, they humble us, they teach us how to survive, and how to trust in the one who calms the storms.
The tough part with me is the fact that it seems like you just get thru one storm when another one hits. Its not for us to question why this happens this way. Ours is to hang on, trust God, and learn all we can in order to use it for the next storm that may come along. We don't need to fear the storms but trust the captain of our ship, Jesus Christ to see us through.
Nothing lasts forever no matter what it feels like, the storms will pass and left behind will either be the damage the storm caused because we didn't do our part in trusting God. Or left behind will be stronger roots into our souls giving us the ability to stand up to anything life happens to throw our way.

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