Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today is the National day of prayer. If there is one thing our nation and world needs and that is our prayers. Our sincere and honest prayers as we lift before God our nation and the world as a whole. It is said, "the one who advances on their knees in prayer never retrieves". Praise the Lord when we keep in touch with God we have no need to retrieve over anything except from sin itself.

Keeping in touch with God on a daily if not a moment by moment basis is the anchor needed to stay strong. It was a door that was opened for us through the shed blood of Jesus Christ when he died for us on the cross. Prayer will advance us in our lives and develope in us the ability to stand strong. Our focus as a nation and as a worldwide body needs to be on God, our dependence on Him needs to be voiced. Too often we have tried to go out on our own and it only gets us further lost in the wilderness of the world.

Prayer is the beginning of every jouney and the fuel that keeps us going down every path. There is never a moment in life that we don't need it, never a second that God grows tired of hearing from us. One day a year set aside to pray for our nation is far from enough but its a start to something that is as long lasting and precious as we make it.


**Our picture today features Tacey a little girl that is one year old, prayer knows no age or no limit. We can all do it and the sooner we start the better the journey.

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