Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cry out to Jesus

One day as I prayed earnestly for my granddaughter I decided to take my picture. Deep into the words flooded with tears I snapped my camera phone. I wanted her to see what it's like sometimes when you cry out to the Lord. The reaction I got out of a couple of people when they went thru the pictures on my phone was, "Oh Karen, Oh Grandma you're so funny."

I wasn't trying to be funny, I was honestly and truly praying and crying out to Jesus on behalf of my granddaughter. Doing this is all a part of the journey on our knees, the turning to God in prayer to help us through life and to keep in communication with our Lord and Savior. There is nothing funny about it but pure joy and happiness knowing we have a Savior who listens and cares.

Too often because of the things that go on in life we might think, "God doesn't care about me. If He did care then why did grandma get cancer, why did grammy have a stroke, why did......and the list goes on." When we call on the name of the Lord its not a safety plan that makes us go through life with no incidents to deal with. No, what it is, is our path through life's difficulties. Honestly I couldn't have found my way out of my 12 years of epileptic seizures if it wasn't for Jesus. I never would have survived the difficulties of dealing with alcohol in the family. My cancer would have taken me down both physically as well as spiritually if it wasn't for the fact that I have Jesus on my side. That's not a peaceful path of tranquility and no worries but a powerful guide and companion to walk me through life. The time of tranquility and peace comes when we reach Heaven, until then we have this life to journey thru. What's nice is the fact that this life is temporary, the life in Heaven is for all eternity. Amen! Cry out, talk out, speak softly it doesn't matter as long as you stay in communication with the Lord.

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