Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Journey to be skinny AGAIN

As my granddaughter and I set out on our journey we stopped to collect pictures of ourselves to show we weren't always over weight. We were skinny once and we can be again is our motto.

This is what we found and we made a copy of it to carry with us. Shortly afterwards another granddaughter asked to join. Now we need to update out picture of encouragement.

It's amazing how we need to be reminded once in awhile that we weren't always flawed in some way or another. Even if it takes going back to our baby pictures we need to remind ourselves we were there once and can be again.

The only difference is the fact that the second time or third or fourth time will have to be done with greater effort. That's our problem these days we are not willing to put that effort into it. We've gotten lazy and callus in our desires to do what needs to be done. It's too easy to let things slide and accept what we have to avoid doing something about it.

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