Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yo,God How long?

Today as I reached out to pick up my weights for my morning Yo, God class I noticed myself choosing my lighter weights. "Hum' I thought to myself wouldn't it be wonderful to get to choose what size of weight for the day would be on my heart.

If that were the case my choice would be a lot smaller than the huge burden plaguing my heart now. Our only transportation had broken down, the dog had taken ill, trouble mounting at work, financial difficulties, marital tensions and so much more were all a part of the weight I was feeling.

The scripture I kept wanting to meditate on was the one in Psalm 6:3 that said "my soul is greatly troubled, how long?" How long, how long, how long kept echoing in my heart like a scratched record that wouldn't quit playing the same thing over and over again. As was the remedy for the record player my soul needed a good bump to get it out of that stuck position so it could go beyond that one area.

Sure enough after a good bump my spirit was able to land on the scripture in the same chapter that made sense to dwell upon. Psalm 6:8,9 that talked about how The Lord has heard the voice of our weeping, He hears our supplication, and He will receive our prayer.

How long? Who knows. What matters is that the Lord hears us and receives our prayers. The rest lies in faith and trust in Him. The road toward anything always seems the longest. We'd rather be on the return portion where it goes by quickly and we're done.

If you think about it often the amount of weight on our heart is chosen by us. We may not be able to choose where the weight came from. The circumstances or the reasons but we can choose our weight by how much we are going to trust in Jesus. Unloading on Jesus lightens the load. Knowing He hears and receives our prayers lightens the load too.

We need to take control over that which we have control over, our faith and trust and leave the 'how long's' to Jesus.

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