Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yo, God ~~~~Facing instead of flinching

1 Sam 17:41-48 paraphrase: Goliath walks out toward David and shouts at him. David replies, "you come with swords and weapons I come to you in the name of The Lord. He will conquer you today and everyone will know God doesn't need weapons to rescue His people." Then David quickly ran out to meet Goliath. 

As I began my morning exercise my mediation was on the story of David and Goliath. I bet David never had to lift weights, I thought to myself. Instantly putting a damper on my pity party I started to think about what David encountered when he faced his giant. 

 David in this story had a chance to face Goliath or flinch. He could have cowered back with everyone else but he didn't.  He shouted back at Goliath in the name of The Lord, declaring The Lord. Next thing he does is quickly run out to meet Goliath. 

With each pull at my muscles and the dumbbells I ask God for the strength to be like David who faced his giant instead of flinch. 

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