Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Continuing to Pray

In my previous entry at first I didn't make it very clear who suffered from the seizure disorder my niece or my sister. It is my niece Stephanie. In her own way my sister suffers from it too as she cares for her daughter.  It's difficult to stand by and see your child suffer so much. Its a tremendous feeling of helplessness. It's been a long and hard journey for the both of them. When I had epilepsy my husband was my caregiver. It was just as hard on him as it was me. It took only twelve years to get thru it but we made it thru together. Unfortunately twenty years later came another journey, one marked by my breast and bone cancer.

Just the same, we should never fall into the trap of trying to figure out who is it harder on the one with the disease or the one caring for them. Both parties are in need of equal prayer and strength.  Both have vital parts to play in the success or failure of the journey they travel together.

So for both my niece and sister I pray that together God will carry them thru in their journey forward towards Him and the plans He has for them in their lives.

Luv always,
          Karen, sister and aunt

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