Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome Paulette's

If you haven’t read my profile you need to right now. In it you will read the purpose of this site. The purpose is to learn the failed art of self-improvement. For too long we have stopped taking responsibility for our own actions and started to blame others for our own end results and harvest.

I have my own struggles with self-improvement and I am going to use this site to not only help me but help other struggling Paulette’s. People, men or women, like Paul who struggle with doing the right thing. Do you have that problem? Don’t lie! We all have that issue because we are human. Some are good at mastering the art of self-improvement and others like me are not so successful at it.

This site will be my journal as you walk with me thru the areas I want to improve. Read the notes, laugh with me (not at me), struggle with me as together we strive for the prize at the end of our race.

It’s a journey on our knees because that is how we need to be traveling, on our knees in prayer forever seeking God and His guidance. He is our tour guide, the one who will see us through to the end.

Recently at my grandma’s funeral as I looked around the full church I thought of how all those in attendance were people she picked up along the way in her journey through 90 years of life. The person she started and ended with remained the same, the Lord. It was the others she picked up along the way that may have differed.

No matter who we pick up along the way, where our journey leads us, the trials along the way, the One we start and finish with never should change. It needs to remain Jesus. Our success needs to be His glory and our benefit. He is the one who equips us with things necessary to succeed. Our job is to figure out how to use his provisions correctly.

So, let the journey begin down our paths of improvement.

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