Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Journey Note 2 Bloom where you are planted

Well its three or four days into my quest to improve in a few selected areas of my life. Don’t worry I have others but let’s take one area at a time. So far I have lost a couple of pounds, my checkbook is current, my house is a little bit cleaner. I have written some journal notes as I wanted to do but haven’t got a chance to write some devotionals like I would have.

Like many other people I start out strong but the momentum doesn't see to last. As soon as my husband is around or at the sign of the slightest distraction its over with. Truly I have no one else to blame but myself. As much as I would like to blame my husband for my lack of discipline its me who needs to change that as an area of weakness needing improvement.

We are told to bloom where we are planted. It would be great to be in the ideal setting, with the perfect atmosphere and situation for anyone to blossom into a wonderful Christian woman. Dream on. It doesn’t work that way. In fact sometimes the areas where we grow the most are in the area where diversity lies.

I’m moving forward. The only one who can stop me is myself in I allow the elements of life to control me instead of God.

Off I go on a continued journey. A couple of pounds lighter mind you! I just had to throw that in, again.

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