Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yo, God~~~~~Let my Voice be Heard

I will wash my hands in innocence and go about Your altar, O Lord. That I may make the voice of thanksgiving heard and may tell of all Your wondrous works. Lord, I love the habitation of Your house, and the place where Your glory dwells. Psalm 26:6-8

On Thanksgiving day before getting into the fast lane of preparing a meal, shopping for bargains, and dealing with unnecessary drama I grab for my weights. As I do that my heart grabs for a scripture to hold on to. The one I found today was in the Psalm where so many blessings and truths dwell. 

The first order of business I am told to take care of is to wash my hands in innocence. In other words I need to cleanse myself. The soap and water I have to use is Jesus and the cleansing He brought upon the cross. I don't need to dirty my hands nor my soul of the things of the earth. We get dirty enough as it is. Where I belong is going about my Heavenly Father's throne or altar concentrating and meditating on the things above. 

Too often the things of this world get in the way of that and we lose site of what is really important. Such as the making of the voice of thanksgiving to be heard by telling of God's wondrous works and meditating on it. Unfortunately more frequently than not we like to let our voice be heard regarding the person we don't like, how the church music is too loud, or the font on the music sheets are too small. 

Our mediation is all wrong. I have a choice to dwell on the weights I am lifting in my hands or the wondrous works of God. Is it going to be my voice of grumbling people hear or the voice of thanksgiving. Which is it going to be depends on the content of my heart and the choices I make in my spirit. 

Today I want my voice to be heard. The voice of thanksgiving for God's wondrous works. Just because I have cancer doesn't mean I can't be thankful. 
There's more cleansing and healing in being thankful than complaining and living off the negative side of life's coin. 

I love You, Lord. Thanks for all Your wondrous works. Including those you have done for me thru Your grace and mercy. Equipping me for each of life's journeys I have traveled thru with Your strength and guidance. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Let my voice be heard. 

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