Monday, September 30, 2013

Yo God

Recently when I was at a women's retreat speaking on my journey with stress seizures a lady talked to me about her Yoga class. She was real pleased with the results and she enjoyed the relaxing meditation time she got from it. After the retreat I got to thinking about it as well. One day as I sat at my desk I started thinking about the importance of meditation on God's scriptures. Since my cancer doctor is always asking me if I am exercising I began to wonder if I could put the two together.

It was here that I thought of the phrase "yo God." As I grabbed my five pound weights I started to stretch out my arms in various motions as I meditated on a scripture I pulled out of my Bible to feed upon. It was very relaxing to go slow in my arm movements as well as in my meditation of the scripture in order to benefit from both.

What started as a one time experiment has turned into a daily routine. One that I do daily and whenever I feel my spirit in the need of getting back on track. It has been a way to focus on what is important in order to escape the stress and strain of the world.

Doing these one minute mediations and muscle toning that both have lasting affects has been great. After all our minds were designed to meditate on things, why not make it something beneficial for both our spiritual and physical side of life.

Come with me as we attend our "Yo God" class and reap the benefits of what we are willing to sow.

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