Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Journal Note #4

Well time has passed and so has part of the goals I’ve set for myself. My husband came home from being away at work for a week and out the door went my efforts. Again that isn’t his fault it’s my fault.

One day at a time we need to challenge ourselves to press on and to not give up. When we stand before the Lord in judgment God’s not going to accept our excuse that our spouse made it difficult to be what we wanted to be.

The idea of blooming where we are planted is all about growing where you are in your walk with Christ, your spiritual maturity and your ability to overcome. Instead of sitting here asking “why me” we need to stand up and say, “What I can learn from this.”

Today I am challenging myself and my fellow Paulette’s once again to move forward with our goals. I don’t know about you but too often in the past I was the first to give up when things got tough, I don’t want that for my life any more. I am choosing to finish well even if it takes my entire life to do it.

Dear Heavenly Father, today I pray for my fellow Paulette’s out there that are struggling as I am struggling. Forgive us Father for allowing the things around us to take us off our course of being who we need to be in You. Help us to lean more on You instead of away from You. To take the challenge to work on improving ourselves and use it to glorify You.

This week’s goals:
1. Balanced checkbook
2. Clean one room per day
3. Complete a half done journal note in my diary
4. Exercise self-control when it comes to my eating and exercising

Today’s promise sword:
I can do all things THRU Christ who strengths me. Take that Satan!

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